Hi I'm Adelaide Love. I'm a love/lust nymph and am 392 years old but look 16/17.

I was born to a lust nymph name Lotty and a lust nymph named John. They married young and I was born a few years later. When I was born, I was pretttty! I was always called a cutie or a soon to be beauty. At the age of 5, I was playing with peoples relationships. At 10, I tried a experiment. Instead of trying to get people together, I would try and break them up. Of course, i had a test subject in mind. My parents. Fully in love and the best experiment subjects that could be. So i broke their love and they divorced. I tried to put them back together but nope, they remarried. I was staying with my mom and step-dad when hunters came. They killed all but me.....I hid under my bed. When they left, i ran. I traveled for years, making lust and love. Then Lady Lust found me....She made me her servant. And I loved the job. I still do but because of the rise in numbers of hunters, she brought me to the Haven. Here I am......

My powers are:

  • can make anyone lust after me
  • can make anyone love me truly
  • can make love potions
  • can create love and lust
  • can control other peoples love and lust