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Aaron Ben-Zvi
Why did he kill so many...
Hitlers Haunter
Deaths Servant
Important Information
Gender Male
Job None
Status Dead and Single
Eye Color Red
Fur Color White
Age 14 physicly,real age unknown
Affiliation His Clan,Thalia March
Weapons None
Species Ghost,ex-Mortal
Home His Clan
Quests None

Aaron Ben-Zvi is a Ghost who died in the holocaust.


Aaron grew up during the secound world war.He lived in Holland.He was Jewish,and his Parents feared for his and there lives,hoping they were not taken by Germans.However,they were taken to a concentration Camp,and Aaron died in the gas showers.His parents died not long after.However,he lived as a ghost.He haunted Hitler for a while,until Hitler killed himself.He wondered the earth for a while,until he found The Haven.He was welcomed fondly,and works for Lord Death.


Aaron is a kind a calm ghost.He does not see any point of acting like a jew,as he is dead.He hates war,as it kills and only makes life worse.He sometimes findes it hard to trust people,but has great admiration for his Leader.He is also very protective,and can sometimes be a bit possesive.


Aaron has pale skin and white hair,that can seem brown sometimes.His eyes are red.He wears a trench coat all the time.


None,as he cant carry anything.


Name Realtionship Thoughts
Thalia March Crush and Friend Shes really nice,i have a huge crush on her,wonder if she loves me...